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Acumatica is a leading provider of cloud business management software that empowers small and mid-size businesses to unlock their potential and drive growth. Request more information from our experts.

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In an interconnected world, Acumatica enables customers to take full control of their business; to play to their strengths, since every business is unique; and to empower their people by going wherever their people go, on any device.

Built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications such as Financials, Distribution, CRM and Project Accounting, powered by a robust and flexible platform.

Simplify Auditing

Improve customer lifecycle management

Provide accurate forecasting and budgeting

Improve reporting

Product Suites

All Acumatica application suites are web-based, fully-integrated, and work on a centralized database. They can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Financial Management Suite

A powerful set of financial applications used by almost every organization, no matter how complex or simple requirements are. Bring rigor to business processes in a user-friendly way.

  • Forecast cash flow based on a 30-day trend that incorporates cash transaction statistics.
  • Display all approvals on a single screen to manage process flow more easily and save time.
  • Enter documents related to multiple modules within a single screen and benefit from improved tax reporting

Distribution Management Suite

Works together with the Financial Management Suite as a full distribution solution. Starting from the requisition process to purchasing, order management, inventory tracking, automated inventory replenishment suggestions, and more.

  • Automated inventory replenishment suggestions based on historical sales data analysis improves cash flow and optimizes stock levels.
  • Get up-to-date freight costs for each USPS, FedEx, or UPS shipment, print carrier and return labels, and generate tracking numbers.
  • With just a few clicks, fulfill large volumes of shipments using pre-defined, automated packing rules.

Customer Management Suite

Fully integrated with the Financial and Distribution suites, the Customer Management Suite uses dashboards and reports to provide real-time sales data. A self-service Customer Portal lets you give customers access to the information you choose.

  • Out-of-the box Customer Portal allows you to give customers access to financial and case information.
  • Automatically attach incoming and outgoing emails to various Customer Management Suite features.

Project Accounting Suite

With the Project Accounting Suite, deliver on project objectives on time and on budget. Manage complex reporting requirements. Include projects in companywide financial reports.

  • Handle the most complex billing rules and easily calculate project revenue based on key project-specific attributes.
  • Keep better track of costs by correctly accounting for work in progress (WIP). If a bill was generated and applied incorrectly, it can now be reversed and regenerated

Acumatica gives businesses a competitive edge

Rapid customization

Built-in web-based customization tools allow you to change the appearance of screens, the business logic, and the database fields. Customizations are stored separately from the core application code so they can be easily exported. In addition, updates and upgrades to the core application do not impact any existing customizations.

Rapid development

New modules can be developed inside Microsoft Visual Studio without worrying about HTML, CSS, HTTP, and JavaScript. The core features that Acumatica developers used to create all Acumatica modules are available to value-added resellers and ISVs so your application can be customized and improved as your needs change.

Easy to maintain

All customizations are stored in the database so you can backup your code changes and data with a single backup process. Since there is no client software to maintain, backups are managed centrally.

Multi-tier architecture

User Interface (UI) elements are completely separate from business logic, which is
separated from the database access layer and the database itself.

Integration with external systems

All application logic available through Acumatica screens can also be accessed using a generic Web Services API (Application Programming Interface) based on SOAP and WSDL. The API invokes the same security mechanisms and access rights to allow data migration, extraction of information for reporting, and integration with external systems.

Ease of Use

Acumatica’s user interface and navigation makes working in Acumatica faster and more intuitive. Work on any mobile device, with its tablet-friendly design and dynamic page layout. Find information faster with improved keyword search, data entry with suggestions and auto-complete, and advanced filtering in grids. Complete tasks more quickly with drag and drop functionality and real-time connectivity with Excel.

Speed and Performance

With powerful transaction processing capabilities, Acumatica delivers the performance your business demands. No matter how many people are using the system, users can enter data, generate reports, and navigate from screen to screen rapidly.


The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform now includes functionality that enables the packaging and redistribution of customizations without them conflicting with other existing customizations.

Third-Party Solutions

Powerful integration with popular third-party solutions, such as Box for online content and collaboration, and AvaTax by Avalara for sales tax automation.

Technology Advancements

Expanded API lets users embed reports within Acumatica report writer to generate reports automatically in PDF format without user intervention. Data-rich reports now generate faster.

Database agnostic

Acumatica is optimized for Microsoft SQL Server, but the technology allows for storing of data in alternate databases like Oracle and MySQL.

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