360 Degree

Penetration Testing

A CyberSecure™ Solution

Detect and respond to emerging threats against your private data

The security-threat landscape is evolving. Vulnerabilities are being discovered continually by malicious individuals and researchers, and being introduced by new software. As attackers become more sophisticated about penetrating vulnerable systems, corporations are required to protect their network against the security intrusions that can cost critical uptime and damage from data leaks.

Secure the Integrity of Your Network

Protecting your network against evolving threats requires identification of security weaknesses through an in-depth penetration test. System components, processes, and custom software must be tested frequently to ensure security controls continue to reflect environment changes.

The PCI Security Standards council mandates organizations to perform external and internal penetration testing at least once a year and after any significant infrastructure or application upgrade or modification (operating system upgrade, a sub-network added to the environment, or a web server addition).

The CyberSecure™ Penetration Test

Penetration testing is a multistep process that goes beyond vulnerability scanning to address focused goals and security guidelines. A component of complete security auditing, penetration testing uncovers the areas of security risks that can negatively impact an organization, it’s functionality and data.

Our CyberSecure™ Penetration Test intervenes on security vulnerabilities and defines advanced security measures to protect your network. Leveraging advanced network security intelligence, CyberSecure™ Penetration Testing goes beyond simple checks to test security posture, and identify specific vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit.

Guard your network with 360 degrees of Cyber Security

Penetration testing is about identifying risk that will adversely impact the organization. Specifically goal oriented, we will be testing to identify specific vulnerabilities that lead to a compromise of the business or mission objectives of the customer. True penetration testing is not simply checking for un-patched systems as in a vulnerability scan. We test from all angles, not just the typical “from the Internet only” to gauge security posture, and capabilities of the target organization.

i-Tech Support, Inc. combines over 125 years of technology expertise into a comprehensive Cyber Security solution designed to detect and respond to evolving network threats. Our network security specialists can help guard your network, enabling clients to detect and respond to information gathering, foot-printing, scanning and vulnerability analysis, infiltration, data aggregation and data ex-filtration.

Our Defense in Depth Penetration Testing covers

Parameter Definition / 100%
Intelligence Gathering / 100%
Threat Modeling / 100%
Vulnerability Analysis / 100%
Internal and External Threats / 100%
Exploitation / 100%
Cleanup / 100%
Reporting / 100%

Accurately Gauge

Internal and External Threats

Uncover security weaknesses to your functionality and data

Our testing process gauges the ability to gain access to sensitive information using data mining techniques, and “exploit code” on vulnerable hosts from the Internet, and inside the firewall.

Go Beyond

Surface Vulnerability Scans

with CyberSecure™ in depth approach

We go beyond simply checking for un-patched systems. We test in depth the security posture, and capabilities of the target organization.

A Unique

Defense in Depth Process

from i-Tech Support

Our process tests the security posture, and capabilities of the target organization to identify specific vulnerabilities that lead to a compromise

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