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Microsoft’s at it again. Hilarity does not ensue!

On 12/17, in a uncharacteristic move, MS released a security that they deemed critcal enough to release pre-Patch Tuesday. According to sources this “vulnerability” allows remote exection of code upon visiting a web site which was built specifically to capitalize on this. The intruder could gain control of you PC and/or surreptitiously access data on […]

Cost-Effective Solutions. Join Us on November 19th!!

Hey Everyone! Make sure you REGISTER NOW for i-Tech and Cisco’s Upcoming Event about Cost-Effective Unified Communications Solutions. During these tight economic times, i-Tech understands what needs to be done with your existing technology to cut your costs and increase profits. I don’t want to spill the beans about our upcoming event, though. You know […]

Tapes Suck…iBDR Rocks!

I’ve never recommended a secure technology solution as flexible, affordable, and hassle –free one I am writing to you about today. No kidding! So I warn you up front that this post will end with some blatant product promotion… I am shameless, but hopefully there is some worthwhile stuff here that will benefit someone. For […]

i-Tech’s Video with Amazulu Live on Cisco.com/SMB!

i-Tech’s Video is Live @ Cisco.com/smb Yes, that’s right i-Tech Support, Inc., is on the Cisco Systems website (www.Cisco.com/smb) in a High-Definition Video made by Cisco’s Video Team. This video showcases i-Tech’s Total Technology Services and a client of ours, Amazulu, Inc., which won a national competition, Make Mine a Million $ Business™ program to […]