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I attended an event last week where about half a dozen of us had lunch with Carlos Domiguez, Sr. VP of Cisco Systems. Carlos' current responsibilities include speaking and evangelizing Cisco's technology strategies.He works directly for John Chambers, the COB and CEO of Cisco and calls himself a “Tech Nowist”. Cisco ... Read More
May 18, 2011Anna Trenary


"By 2013, 91% of all consumer IP traffic on the Internet will be video."
March 9, 2010Anna Trenary


Duke University Extends Global Learning With Cisco TelePresence Lecture Hall -> Cisco NewsPosted using ShareThis
February 10, 2010Anna Trenary


[slideshare id=2646032&doc=powerpoint-trinet-fromthedeskofaceo1201-091204000011-phpapp01]
December 11, 2009Anna Trenary


i-Tech’s green mission is to design and support technology for  Central Florida businesses.  We hope that this will not only help reduce their carbon footprint but can actually show a positive return on their investment as well. Through Total Technology Support, we start with designing a roadmap for planning, budgeting ... Read More
November 5, 2009Anna Trenary


Fred Knight, the co-chair of Voicecon sent out a commentary this morning about cloud computing in the Unified Communications environment. His article correlates to a discussion we had yesterday at the i-Tech staff meeting about cloud computing and how it may effect our clients. Many of the points about deploying ... Read More
July 16, 2009Anna Trenary


[youtube=] This is a Super Cool Demo using the iPhone 3G with VNET Corp's SIPPhone App and having it registered to the Cisco Communications Manager as a Sip Endpoint! AWESOME!! Now you can use your cell phone without using minutes AND protect your Cell Phone number by showing the office number instead when ... Read More
May 11, 2009Anna Trenary


Well we have done it again!  Because of our outstanding staff of technical, account management and marketing professionals, i-Tech Support, inc has been recognized for the SIXTH straight year as a PREMIER Partner! This is no easy task and is a blending of many certified and specialized individuals, processes and procedures ... Read More
May 11, 2009Anna Trenary


hello again all! In a slight turn from my last post about the joys of valentine's day shopping, I must alert you all to a new vulnerability that was released from Adobe regarding their reader product. From the Agency for Enterprise Information Technology: Overview: Within the last few hours, AEIT has been made aware ... Read More
February 24, 2009Anna Trenary


Its exactly 10 days from V-day! Cupid is always bugging you saying buy her a tennis bracelet, take her to an elegant candlelight dinner, or possibly pay for Hans to put his "hans" all over your mate with a swedish massage...some may say this is the ultimate chance for bonus ... Read More
February 4, 2009Anna Trenary