Data Center Virtualization

Transformative Data-Center virtualization that lowers operating costs and increases agility in the cloud.

Cloud Computing is the antidote to inflexible, overly complex IT infrastructures. It’s not an end-state you can jump to instantaneously, but a transition achieved in stages. To guide and assist you on your path, i-Tech Support can provide your company with a proven and practical implementation for Data Center Virtualization designed to deliver benefits as you go.

Cloud computing represents a significant shift in the way that IT resources are managed, operated, and consumed. This change exposes several benefits to enterprises, promoting greater IT efficiency and agility. The Cloud is IT delivered as a service over the network. Going a level deeper, the cloud is a model in which IT resources and services are abstracted from the underlying infrastructure and provided on demand and at scale in a multi-tenant environment.

Data Center Virtualization is almost always a Cloud Prerequisite
While there are some interesting exceptions that bypass virtualization and still retain the essential elements of a cloud, data center virtualization – in most cases – provides a sufficient immediate payback to justify beginning with it. Starting with virtualization also lays the foundation necessary for other initiatives.

Industry research reveals that organizations typically approach the move to cloud computing in two steps:
Step-Wise Virtualization to Maximize Efficiency
1. IT steadily virtualizes more and more of its workloads and environments. This dramatically improves data center efficiency, increases reliability and quality of service, and simplifies operations.

2. Progression Toward Cloud-Scale Operations and Agility
Once 20-25% virtualization has been achieved, IT can begin deploying cloud computing capabilities. This approach amplifies the benefits of virtualization, driving business agility, reducing IT spend, and preserving IT governance.

With the standardization caused by virtualization as a basis, we will help you build an integrated and unified IT infrastructure.

  • An integrated package of the server, virtualization, storage, and network access for a complete computing platform.
  • A single, virtualized storage platform to serve as the global resource pool for the computing platform.
  • A unified fabric for interconnecting computing and storage resources over a single converged network platform; i-Tech can help you package these standard platforms into basic IT infrastructure building blocks to meet overall business needs instead of building out on a project-by-project basis.

VMware Professional Partner Certification
i-Tech has achieved a VMware Professional Partner Certification, this means that we have an extensive knowledge of VMware virtualization solutions. By employing VMware Sales Professionals, VMware Technical Sales Professionals, and VMware Certified Professionals, we are able to support the entire VMware product line.

Certified Cisco Premier Partner
i-Tech is a Certified Cisco Premier Partner. The Cisco Premier Certification is a foundational specialization that expands the technical competency in the data centurion of data center virtualization products, routing and switching, wireless LANs, unified communications, and security technologies. In addition, i-Tech has integrated Cisco Lifecycle Services into our offerings and have demonstrated a measurably high level of customer satisfaction.

NetApp Partnership
i-Tech has partnered with NetApp to provide you with award-winning unified storage solutions that can help consolidate all your data on a single system. This means you can cut your costs and reduce downtime when you consolidate user files such as MS Office documents, application data such as Exchange and SQL Server®, and virtual machines on NetApp’s easy-to-use storage solutions.

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