Network Consultation

gain insight into your network to optimize performance and security

Your network is the foundation for corporate efficiency and performance. Cisco network assessments provide an opportunity to review the state of your network including a summary of the health of the Active Directory, Network and Exchange collaboration systems. I-tech will help you identify the sources of current issues, outline a solutions strategy and navigate the next steps to optimize your technology.

Our In-depth network assessment includes:

Consultation with a solutions professional

Our personal consultations give you focused time with a senior level solutions consultant to discus your current challenges, technology trends, equipment changes and new technology options available. We’ll discuss you how you can get the best performance and the most out of your technology investment.

Needs Assessment

A comprehensive needs assessment takes a closer look at your current challenges, and potential sources. We factor in end-of life issues as well as assist you helping you navigate through options to find the right products and services for your company’s goals and budget. We’ll help you make an educated decision regarding your equipment and buying choices and highlight promotions that can help you optimize your cash flow while implementing the technology you want today.

24 Point Service and Security Report

Our senior engineer will perform our 24-point Network Service and Security Assessment to summarize the current health of the Active Directory, Network and Exchange collaboration systems. Our non-invasive test is run without agents being installed on your systems. From this assessment, we generate a report detailing the compliant items and items needing attention, giving you additional visibility into your systems and identifying any vulnerabilities to data loss, viruses and spyware.

Address current challenges and identify their source
Conduct a 24-point Service Security Report on the current health of the Active Directory, Network and Exchange collaboration systems
Discuss cyber security threats and protective measures to protect your network
Explore solutions to maximize resources to increase profitability and performance
Discuss current trends, end of life equipment and industry changes
Verify the merits of technology options you are considering based on our expertise
Learn about promotions and support options available to you today
Create a strategic solutions strategy around your needs and budget

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Network Consultation

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