Managed Cyber Security Services

Managed Cyber Security Services that goes beyond basic monitoring to detect threats, stop attacks and respond to vulnerabilities.

CyberSecure™ Managed Cyber Security Services is a network security service for businesses with cyber security concerns and limited security resources. CyberSecure™ acts as a virtual cyber security department to deliver continuous security affordably. Developed to layer your network security, CyberSecure™ adds threat visibility, dedicated monitoring, compliance readiness, preventative maintenance and intrusion prevention (IPS) capabilities to your network defense. Powered by VSENSOR™ technology, CyberSecure™ stops threats before they reach your critical information, files, and confidential data, adding world-class cyber security to your business environment.

Enhance your Network Security
CyberSecure™ improves network defense through a unique Detect-Stop-Respond approach:

  • Detect: Continuous monitoring from the VSENSOR™ technology provides visibility and alerts as threats approach your network.
  • Stop: The VSENSOR™ intrusion prevention capability automatically stops attacks from breaching your network.
  • Respond: The i-Tech Virtual Security Manager, dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC), Security Dispatch Team and Cyber Security Specialists automatically perform proactive maintenance, manage daily alerts and deliver reports and reviews to help you stay informed, improve network security and gain compliance readiness.

Six Levels of Support
CyberSecure™ Managed Cyber Security Services is built around six active layers of cyber security support:

  1. VSENSOR™: Advanced security appliance which continuously monitors network traffic, delivers instant alerts and handles intrusion prevention.
  2. Dynamic Alert Dashboard™: Gain live threat visibility of your network, firewall and VSENSOR™ as attacks occur.
  3. Virtual Cyber Security Manager: A dedicated cyber security expert performs all the managed security tasks required to protect your network, including review of logs, scheduling of remote/onsite preventative maintenance, firewall management and management of alerts.
  4. Security Operations Center (SOC) Support: Gain cyber security support from a team of network security specialists. The SOC team remains responsible for threat alerts and management. They monitor daily security logs and events, provides ongoing remote support and preventative maintenance to resolve security issues.
  5. Security Dispatch Team: Get extended support to resolve security issues onsite. The Security Dispatch Team provides onsite support and maintenance to resolve escalated issues beyond SOC support. (*additional fees apply)
  6. Cyber Security Specialist: Improve your network defense with personalized quarterly reports and annual reviews from a cyber security specialist. Both reports and reviews include recommendations to improve cyber security and compliance readiness.

Cyber Security with proven ROI

  • Gain a virtual cybersecurity department with minimal expense
  • Less virus and malware infections
  • Less downtime and network interruptions
  • Less expenses in remediation costs
  • Less penalties from compliance issues
  • Faster network and system performance

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