Google Apps For Education

Google Apps For Education is helping educators globally amplify 21st Century skills in classrooms

Google Apps for Education is helping teachers and students everywhere utilize technology to improve learning and teach effectively.

The G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education) core services are at the heart of Google’s educational offering to schools. These apps are designed to provide educators with powerful solutions that are affordable, secure and easy-to-use.

More than 50 million students, teachers and administrators in almost every country in the world rely on G Suite to learn and work together.

As a certified partner, i-Tech’s team of technology experts work with schools to handle every step of G Suite integration into your learning environment, including training for your teachers and administrators. We make the process simple, seamless and efficient and get you environment ready for 21st century learning.

Google Apps for Education


Communicate fast and efficiently to others on a searchable email platform


Organize and share your files and folders all in one place


Customize communication on a web based collaborative word processor


Schedule and share your events to collaborate with others


Capture data and trends in an intuitive spreadsheet


Construct, assess, and analyze data with a survey maker


Create and share interactive presentations


Amplify classroom instruction on a 21st Century blended learning platform

Global Statistics on Google Apps for Education

Here's what everyone is saying about Google Apps for Education...

“Google Apps continue to have a transformative impact our school as a learning institution. The tremendous benefits are seen in the in every aspect of our school program. In the classrooms, the time savings, efficiency, and collaborative capabilities are prevalent across all grades levels. These same benefits continue to unfold in workflow efficiency, collaborative capabilities and cutting edge communication techniques with our staff, faculty, and administration.”

Cindy Moon / Head of Park Maitland School

“Google Apps have given me more opportunity for collaborative work with my admin team as well as with the teachers with whom I work. Prior to my use of Google Docs, this collaborative process was much more time-consuming requiring the sending back and forth of documents in separate emails and attachments. Now, I can work simultaneously with teachers on projects or communication to parents as well as with the admin team on school-wide projects. This has created greater work efficiency for me overall and allows me to now spend more time in the classrooms with students and teachers which is what I love!”

Valerie Kennedy / Director of Upper Elementary School 3rd-6th Grades

“Using the many Google apps available has drastically improved my ability to get work done efficiently and in a shorter time span. All the documents that I need are at my fingertips at school, at home and when I’m on the road. This allows me to make decisions and answer questions without having to wait to access the school’s server. With all the administrators and/or teachers being able to share documents and edit them as needed we are able to synergize more efficiently than in the past. I find that the Google apps encourage collaboration in a manner that we did not see when using Microsoft products. Each day I discover new uses for many of the apps and have been excited to discover the ease at which these intuitive applications have been adapted by the administration and staff at our school.”

Donna Wood / Director of Early Childhood Education K4- 2nd Grades

“Google Classroom and Google Forms have provided ways for me to help students track creative and critical thinking in an innovative way. It is exciting to watch the students’ enthusiasm grow as they share reflections and demonstrate a deeper understanding of our curriculum. New adventures in learning abound as the apps promote independent thinking and collaboration simultaneously.”

– Sandy Covert / 5th Grade Reading Teacher

“Using Google Apps, such as Classroom and Docs, with all the sharing features has cut project time in half and allowed students to collaborate in exciting new ways.”

– John Courson / 5th Grade Team Chair and Social Studies Teacher

“Google Drive and Docs allowed me to access my personal files from anywhere, which has been helpful when working on my lesson plans or creating new documents. I am also starting to create an assignment for my 5th graders, utilizing Google Classroom, Docs, and Drive. I am excited about the possibilities!”

– Sharon Ventimiglia / 5th Grade Science Teacher

“Google Apps for Education has completely changed the way I teach my class. By using these amazing tools, I have been able to give my students hands-on learning experiences with immediate results, which can actually be used. Google Apps transforms the traditional classroom into a modern, efficient, student-based environment.”

– Brooke Sullivan / 5th Grade Math Teacher

Students love learning with Google Apps for Education!

“Google Apps has revolutionized all classes. Now we can work together on the same document even if we are the on the other side of Orlando. We can communicate without texting!”

– Bella Garner / 5th Grade Student

“Google Apps has changed the way people communicate, on projects and work, now we can communicate without having to re-type everything.”

– Eva Chong / 5th Grade Student

“Google Docs is a great way to collaborate. It is so helpful to people that want to learn and work together when they are not currently in the same location.”

– Loren Blumenfeld / 5th Grade Student

“Google Apps are very helpful and allow you to work with long-distance friends and family by simply putting in their email. It has revolutionized the world of online work.”

– Tegan Larrimore / 5th Grade Student

“The Google Apps are very helpful for typing things together with friends, like in social studies we have done projects using Google Docs.”

– Lincoln Ulman / 5th Grade Student

“Google Apps help people work on projects together, communicate, collaborate, and helps their creativity shine.”

– Juliana / 5th Grade Student

“I love Google Apps because my classmates and teachers can use critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration on any assignment they want.”

– Milani / 5th Grade Student

“Google Apps for education are changing the ways that schools are teaching and using technology, and it is helping kids share their thoughts together on Docs.”

– Avi / 5th Grade Student

“Google Apps have revolutionized the way that we collaborate together because of the simple ways to connect and it cuts project time in half!”

– Ava / 5th Grade Student

“Google Apps help education, they help people collaborate, think, and help people from anywhere, it allows teachers to check whatever the students are doing. Google apps are amazing in many ways.”

– Tavish / 5th Grade Student

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