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5 decisions that will increase profits in 2015




It’s 2015. As companies move into the first quarter of a new fiscal year, it’s time to assess previous business decisions made, weigh industry changes and technology advancements and decide, as a company, how to be better, faster and more profitable in 2015. Making the right decisions now can show up in your bottom line at the end of 2015.


Technology affecting profits and productivity, especially with network breaches and cyberattacks on the rise. Leveraged properly, technology can make your business more profitable. Smart business leaders are smart about technology.


Financial Guru and COO of i-Tech, Daniel Stockman advises:

“Technology is the one element that impacts every part of your company. 

Smart changes in your technology plan can make you more profitable in 2015”


What steps should you take in 2015 to improve your bottom line? Here are some recommendations from the technology leaders at i-Tech Support:


1. Rethink your IT Plan

As your company grows so does it’s network demands. There are more options today that can help you be more efficient with IT and show a return on investment (ROI). Many companies today choose to outsource their technology support to a managed service provider (MSP). A MSP can be a complete IT department and virtual CIO for your organization, without the stress. For instance, the TTS Blue Plan, from i-Tech Support, provides unlimited remote and onsite technology support at a fixed monthly fee. 




“Outsourcing IT works well in partnership with or in place of existing IT departments. It takes the complications, training and management out of the equation and makes technology a seamless experience”  

Daniel Stockman, COO, i-Tech Support


For companies without IT staff, outsourcing all of their technology and network security to an IT firm makes sense. For companies who prefer to have dedicated staff manage day-to-day operations, outsourcing advanced service products and network security gives them the best value and makes more sense financially.



2. Invest in Network Security

Damages from security breaches and malware continue to make headlines and the threat landscape is only growing. A network breach can cost your organization significant downtime, data loss, production and permanent damage to your reputation. With more companies falling victim to malicious activity, a cyberattack is something every organization should be prepared for.

If your network stores confidential information, such as customer detail, addresses, phone numbers, eMails, patient records, legal records or other critical data, you are a target. Most cyberattacks are the result of a network breach that originates in less secure areas of the network. Our experts recommend taking a “defense-in-depth” approach to security with multiple layers that make it challenging for attackers to fully penetrate the organization.


“The best way to protect your network is to invest in a “defense-in-depth” plan that includes dedicated cybersecurity monitoring”

– Avery Rozar, Information Security Leader


Invest in quality firewalls, intrusion prevention/detection systems and dedicated security management service. The overall cost to have dedicated managed security is far less than the cost of a network breach. The CyberSecure™ Managed Service program from Orlando based IT support firm, i-Tech Support can cost as little as $500/ month for a small organization to have dedicated security monitoring and intrusion prevention that works alongside existing IT. It’s a small step that will help protect you from a cyberattack.



3. Upgrade End of Life Equipment

If your network has been slowing down or exhibiting performance issues, your equipment may be approaching end of life. Phones, servers, routers, firewalls, storage, hardware and software all have a finite lifespan. End-of-life equipment can cost your organization valuable time and productivity. It can also make your network more vulnerable to a hacker. A single hardware failure can lead to downtime, data loss and delayed production time for your organization.

Can your company afford to have its network down? What would one hour of downtime cost your business? What about days of downtime or permanent lost data?

Stay ahead of your technology lifespan. Take an annual audit of your current equipment and replace pieces that are at end-of-life. This proactive approach can help you stay ahead of a hardware failure before it hits your bottom line.



4. Perform a Network Assessment

A diagnostic analysis of your network can help you identify sources of current performance issues and areas that need attention. Network assessments go in depth to uncover detailed information about your network health, approaching end-of-life dates and vulnerabilities a cyberattacker can exploit.

Regular assessments help organizations be proactive about their network upkeep, prolonging both the life and the performance of the network and the applications it supports.

“We recommend organizations conduct a network assessment every six (6) months.

If you haven’t had an assessment in a while, it’s time to do so”  

– Jason Wheaton, i-Tech Support 


Network assessments vary in depth, time and costs. A basic 24-point RISK assessment is free from i-Tech. It gives a snapshot overview of the inner workings of your network including end-of-life issues, limitations and potential security risks. Other options include a comprehensive network assessment, which provides a highly detailed inside view of your network, and vulnerability scans which are more security specific and can uncover possible security issues. Penetration tests and security audits are also highly valuable assessments that specifically hone in on the vulnerabilities in your network hackers seek. Definitely worth the investment, the information from network assessments can save your company hassle and money in the long term.



5. Take Advantage of Financing

If you are looking for a way to balance your technology needs with cash flow, financing is a smart way to go. It allows companies to have the technology they need, when they need it, without having to compromise on quality or impact cash flow.

Financing or leasing options are increasing in popularity. With more options today from manufacturers and a higher acceptance rate for growing business, regardless of credit, leasing technology is simply a better business decision.

A simple change in your IT plan can make a real difference in your company’s bottom line. Making the necessary steps to correct your course now will be instrumental in minimizing losses and moving your company forward in 2015.

Let’s make it a great year!



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