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As a true full service technology partner, we support you.

Our managed IT plans help you maximize resources, create predictable spending and keep your team focused on performance.

i-Tech Support offers comprehensive managed IT services to align your business goals with the technology to support it. Our programs have been custom tailored to meet your business at its current level while supporting its growth and sustainability.

We apply over 125 years of combined experience providing total technology support into the design our support programs to assist organizations at every level. Our plans deliver expert level technology support that works in partnership with or in place of your own IT department. As a supported client, you gain full access to our suite of technology engineers, specialists, and architects to monitor, consult and support your company’s technology performance. Our experienced team is dedicated to consulting with you on the best strategies for network optimization and corporate growth.

Total technology support means that as technology continues to evolve, we keep your network current and running. We set the bar high, staying abreast of growing changes and technology trends to align your company with the support necessary to compete in your industry.

Our Plans


Our signature Total Technology Support Plan supports demanding businesses needs. Our support designed to provide consistent reliable onsite and offsite support to organizations without a dedicated inhouse IT department. Clients on this plan get unlimited offsite and helpdesk support for their entire organization.

CyberSecure Managed Service

Our CyberSecure managed services provides enterprise level information technology security monitoring to your complete network. The security threat landscape continues to be a concern for business. Safeguarding confidential information and network posterity, while preventing malicious intrusion from internal and external sources is critical factor today. The CSMS program is designed for organizations of any size without dedicated cyber security division inhouse. Our CSMS services monitor your network around the clock to highlight attack attempts, security threats and areas of risk to better protect your data.

Cloud Services

Our cloud service plan allows you to have a dedicated team consistently focused on monitoring, optimizing and protect your cloud. This helps you unlock the full potential of your cloud, which gaining and added level of expertise. Clients comfortable with remote monitoring can also utilize our advanced cloud, which is monitored, secured and managed completely in-house by our dedicated cloud specialists.

Our managed services deliver

A Better IT Investment Strategy

Reduced Losses from Network Downtime

True Technology Partnership

Key Elements

Onsite Support / 100%
Remote Support / 100%
Periodic Business Reviews / 100%
Virtual CIO / 100%
Virtual Patches and Firmware updates / 100%
Proactive Monitoring / 100%
Preventative Maintenace / 100%
Antivirus / 100%

How our managed services give you the competitive edge

Predictable Spending

Our plans are designed to provide world-class support to you for a significantly smaller investment than the cost of a complete IT inhouse team. In addition, our clients gain the advantage of our collective IT expertise, which is available at a fee structure significantly less than the cost of bringing this level of expertise inhouse.

Reduced Expense

We are a true one-stop technology partner. We offer a single point of accountability for your technology and the ability to balance your investment in technology so that you can achieve results.

Technology Expertise

Gain the advantage of our world-class technology expertise. We recruit elite professionals in every major area of technology and invest in ongoing training for our team to be progressively up-to-date with the latest technology, trends and end-of-life/end-of-support elements that can impact your business. Our collective expertise is available to you at a fraction of the cost of an inhouse IT department.

Industry Expertise

Our team of engineers, architects and solution specialist support companies in every major industry. We leverage that expertise into providing better support for. Our experience means that we can quickly troubleshoot your challenges and advise on growing industry trends so you continue to remain competitive in your industry.

Augmented Technology

Because our plans work in partnership with or in place of your IT department, you can leverage our support at the level your company needs. We can be a complete remote IT department, fill in the gaps for areas not covered by your existing department or be a source of support to handle specific areas of technology weighing down your team or resources.

Reliable Partnership

Our partnership means that you are never alone when IT challenges occur. We support you at every level of IT need. As a managed services client, we consistently monitor your account and act as an invested partner in your company. In addition, every account has a personal account executive, project manager, engineers and information technology specialists to partner with you and support your goals.

Virtual CIO

Our organization can serve as a virtual CIO to support your technology and network. Every managed services client has a executive technology professional to provide consultation, advice and recommendations as a virtual CIO for your company. We also provide consistent reporting and periodic business reviews with each client in person to support, advise and enhance the quality of your network environment and plan intelligently for future growth.

Reduced Downtime

Our team keeps your team focused on business. Our world-class support is there when you need us…. and even when you don’t. As a client, you have complete access to our dedicated helpdesk to spearhead issues as they arise, and assist you in resolving them quickly and remotely. If additional support is needed, most of our clients are within minutes from a support team member, which means fast, reliable response to IT issues.

'Always Available' IT Team

Our team is built to provide continuous support unlike an in-house IT department. Our teams work in rotation to constantly be available during business hours, after hours and through weekends.

No HR Management

We recruit, train and manage qualified professionals to provide technology support to our clients. We take care of all the HR expenses and overhead so that you have access to the best technicians without the additional management, payroll or overhead expenses.

Maximized Resources

Whether we are supporting your IT department or acting as a complete IT department for you, your company can now get the expert IT performance while requiring less physical space, less energy costs and less overheads expenses. In addition, your team spends less time dealing with technology frustrations and more time focused on your business.

Local Availability

Our doors are always open to our clients. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are at always available to support you, as our valued clients.

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Technology Assessment

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