PBX or VoIP?

How to decide if a PBX phone system or a VoIP system is right for your business

by Daniel Stockman, i-Tech Support, Inc



Digital technology is growing, and has become an essentiality if you want your business to progress. You must adapt to the changing technological structure, or you will definitely fall behind in the race. Nowadays, more and more companies are switching to Voice over IP (VoIP and PBX systems for more versatile solutions and reduced costs. Efficiency and performance levels are also improved in the process.



You must adapt to the evolving technological structure,

or you will definitely fall behind in the race towards success.


There are many solutions offered in the market, and you my select these with great care. Here are some factors which you should consider when selecting a VoIP system for your company.

Do you want a hosted or on-premises solution?

The choice between these two options depends on your business type and the manner in which you operate. If your network budget is enough, you may want to leverage your expertise and spending to purchase your PBX equipment. However, if you are small or middle sized business with limited funds, you are better off with a provider who offers hosted solution. Such systems usually offer flexibility and support round the clock to address any issues if they arise.

What should be the size of your system?

IP based phone systems are flexible, but should still have enough calling capacity that can support your business needs. Analyze what you want, and accordingly decide if a fixed number of calling stations are enough for you if you want an unlimited number.

How many locations have you set p your business in?

The traditional; phone systems were restricted to their locations, but bot a VoIP system. These systems allow you to operate virtually from any location, but all physical hardware will be present at one single location. And you can even dial international numbers

Service providers may also you a local or toll free number that your clients can use to reach out to you.

What features do you want?

PBX systems usually offer a long list of features, but you may not require all of these. Figure out the ones that you do want, and accordingly select a package. Keep in mind that certain basic features such as call forwarding, call waiting and voice messages are included in every solution. Some providers may also offer voice to text/email messaging as part of their standard plans.

When analyzing features, determine volumes for both incoming and outgoing calls. If the number is large, you will require different features for balancing call activity.

What security measures do you have and want in place?

Security is a major concern for any business, big or small.  If your premises are already well secure, then you can do with an on-premises solution. If you share offices, then a hosted solution may be a more secure option for you. Considering the IP network, the offered security levels vary from unencrypted to advanced encryption. Figure out your needs, and then make a decision.



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