Why Businesses Prefer Cisco Technology?

by Daniel Stockman, i-Tech Support, Inc.



The face of technology is constantly changing in today’s rapidly growing era.  Whether your business is big or small, you have to keep up with the pace. Not because it will give you the competitive edge, but because you will fall behind if you don’t.

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face meeting the IT needs of their consumers. This is where Cisco steps in. Many companies have turned towards Cisco to help them grow and establish themselves as the technology premier in their industries. What’s the net result? Increased productivity, improved efficiency, greater customer satisfaction levels. What else could any business want?

In the year 1989, the revenues reported for Cisco were $27 million.  A couple of years down the road, in 2006, their revenues touched $28 billion. And in 2016, they were nearly $50 billion. These stats clearly show how Cisco has grown over the time, and developed strong relationships with businesses worldwide.   Today, Cisco is an industry leader when it comes to unified communications, mobility, security and networking solutions.


Innovation and Dedication

Businesses prefer Cisco because of its continuous innovation and dedication to their clients. Cisco has allotted a budget of over $4 billion to technology, and develops most of the product range internally in over 10,000 labs. Cisco has always regarded their customers as their biggest assets, and devoted themselves to their success.   Customer service is available 24 hours a day, supported by over 1300 engineers. Satisfaction levels are measured and monitored closely.

Businesses prefer Cisco because of its continuous innovation and dedication to their clients

Why do you need Cisco Technology?

You know really well that the success of your company is directly proportional to your staff capability. When you use the right tools, this capability increases.  In other words, your network systems can help you grow, and Cisco can deliver you a fully functional networking solution, covering all essential aspects. Cisco provides an end-to-end networking solution that is designed to meet the needs of each of your locations. All your sites are connected across a common infrastructure, and managed from one central location.

Cisco regards the entire network as whole, instead of as a separate system, and can provide you overall business benefits. Advanced technologies such as VoIP function on intelligent networks, featuring encryption and QoS. Cisco supports and preserves these features consistently, enabling high quality delivery regardless of the user location Similarly Cisco Networking Application Analysis or NAPA offers a complete view as it analyzes and monitors the entire network, optimizing resources and performance.

In terms of network security, Cisco provides protecting against all malware and Trojan applications. Additionally, the solution ensures that no sensitive data leaves the corporate network. Thus, if you choose Cisco as your networking partner, you can align your business with latest development and technologies while reducing the learning curve of your IT personnel.   Both your network and data are protected, and your uses get to enjoy the maximum productivity levels.


Cisco is clearly the number one choice, and hence, used by many businesses in not just the US, but worldwide. It was not about substituting paper with technology, but amplifying collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. Learn more about Cisco technology from technology experts like i-Tech Support, Inc





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