Cisco Unified Collaboration

Charlan, Brock & Associates Architects

Charlan Brock was dealing with an antiquated VoIP based phone system in desperate need of an upgrade. While the system was functioning properly it was not meeting the needs of their business. The client wanted the ability to see when workers were available and wanted to be able to send and receive instant messages. Unifying the client’s voice messaging with their email system was also important. Being cost conscious the client wanted to re-use their existing endpoints and gateways. Additionally the existing VoIP phone system was integrated with their Active Directory system and was preventing them from upgrading to the latest version.

We discussed options with the client and recommended upgrading their existing VoIP system, Cisco Unified Call Manager version 4, to the latest revision. This upgrade would allow them to continue to use their existing voice endpoints and gateways while offering them expanded functionality. We also recommended IM and Presence as a way to collaborate more quickly and view presence information. The client was interested in video communications and was impressed with the video calling capabilities of Cisco’s Unified Collaboration system.

After auditing the client’s phone system we determined what equipment was needed and scheduled the upgrade. The new system was build in parallel while their existing system continued to service the business. After completing the initial build the new system was installed and all voice services were migrated to the new VoIP system. Building the system in parallel allowed us to minimize downtime to a short outage period outside normal business hours. Once the new system was verified and tested we rolled out the additional services requested by the client. Instant messaging and presence was put in place and the voice mail system was unified with their existing Microsoft Exchange environment. After final testing was completed the system was turned over to their IT department for management.

i-Tech Support provided the expertise to deploy the Cisco Unified Collaboration system quickly and with little downtime. Our experienced Cisco voice engineers provided top-notch service and delivered a solution that will meet this client’s needs for years to come. i-Tech Support is a certified Cisco partner providing the highest level of professionalism combined with the latest technology. Come see what i-Tech Support and Cisco can do for your business.