Cisco Unified Collaboration

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This client contacted us expressing interest in Jabber. The IT department received a mandate to add voice and text communication to iPad and iPhones in the organization. The client also expressed concerns with voice quality issues when calling between sites. This client has multiple offices connected with private MPLS uplinks and Internet based VPNs. Additionally the client was interested in moving their existing VoIP system to a more current version.

Upon further discussions with the client we recommended upgrading the existing environment, Cisco Unified Communications system version 7, to the most current version. Additionally we recommended adding IM and Presence to the existing environment and modifying their existing QoS configuration to fit best practices.

An audit of their existing system was performed and we planned out a project timeline. It was determined that the servers on which the communications system was running were insufficient and needed to be replaced with Cisco UCS C-Series servers. Once all equipment was received we began the upgrade process. This upgrade is a step process moving through versions by first obtaining a full backup of the system and then building new virtual servers to support the upgrade procedure. The next step was to upgrade the existing endpoints, phones, to a transition version of firmware. This step process is important so that when the final system is ready there are no glitches with the devices. Upon successful completion of all upgrade tasks a “flash cut” was planned. We installed the new Cisco UCS C-Series servers in the client’s co-location facility. Once installation was complete we decommissioned the existing equipment and commissioned the new virtual voice system. After the initial use period quality of service changes were made to the network environment, which improved call quality considerably.

Through perseverance and attention to detail this project became a success. i-Tech Support’s team of talented voice engineers worked tirelessly to complete this project on budget. There is no substitute for the expertise that comes from experience. The i-Tech Support has the knowledge and expertise necessary to design, implement and maintain solutions and is proud to recommend Cisco voice solutions to it’s clients.