Cloud Services

Murphy and Berglund, Attorney at Law

Murphy & Berglund, PLLC Attorney at Law is a legal firm in Altamonte Springs, FL. The legal practice established by Jodi E. Murphy, Esquire, and Michelle A. Berglund-Harper, Esquire has a mission of offering legal services to help families plan for life, address the unexpected, deal with death, resolve conflict, and preserve legacies for future generations.

As a small legal practice, the attorney at law needed 24/7 datacenter reliability but was unable to afford the facilities to accomplish this. The client’s servers were in need of clean power and reliable internet connectivity. Issues would arise at their physical location, which periodically undermined productivity, and caused the business to slow.

To resolve the challenge, we the attorney at law recommended cloud migration to our robust data center in Orlando, FL. i-Tech Support’s cloud solution offers a strong foundation to support business technology. Our platform is built on Cisco’s UCS platform using storage solutions from NetApp. We also suggested upgrading the attorney at law’s existing internet connection at the main offices to provide better performance for these cloud-based services.

Cloud migration would provide the attorney at law 24/7 monitoring and a dedicated environment on which to run the business. The solution was both cost-effective and feasible. i-Tech Support offers cloud services under an affordable service-based model. Through our team of field engineers and onsite technology experts, regular updates maintain the system, and high-level data security and continuity are guaranteed.

We began moving the existing equipment to our datacenter after hours to provide minimal downtime for the business. Once all equipment was relocated, a secure, ‘always-on’ virtual private network (VPN) was configured to connect the main site to our datacenter and began providing all services through our cloud solution. The immediate result was a considerable improvement in network speed and uptime.

By leveraging i-Tech Support’s cloud services capabilities, Murphy and Berglund’s legal practice was able to improve the performance of the technology to achieve more.