Cloud Services

Murphy and Berglund

Being a small business this client needed 24/7 datacenter reliability but was unable to afford the facilities to accomplish this. The client’s servers were in desperate need of clean power and reliable Internet connectivity. When issues would arise at their physical location the business would stop. Productivity would screech to a halt and the client would end up having unhappy clients of their own.

After working with this client for a time we recommended moving their equipment into our public cloud. This would provide them with 24/7 monitoring and a dedicated environment on which to run the business. This service-based model provides reliability at a low monthly cost. Regular updates are performed and our highly skilled personnel maintain the system. We also recommended upgrading the existing Internet connection at the main offices to provide better performance for these cloud-based services.

Once the client was onboard with this transition we began moving the existing equipment to our datacenter. All work took place after hours to provide limited down time for the business. Once all equipment was moved we configured secure always-on VPN services from the main site to our datacenter and began providing all services through our cloud solution. On day one the client noticed considerable improvement and was able to pass on this reliability to their own clients.

By leveraging i-Tech Support’s Cloud Services platform this client was able to provide reliable and accurate services to their clients. This platform is built on Cisco’s UCS platform using storage solutions from NetApp. i-Tech Support’s cloud solution provides a strong foundation to support business intelligence needs and brings value to the marketplace.

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