The following article discusses why businesses need dedicated IT support rather than non-IT staff managing IT issues

Why Businesses Need Dedicated IT SupportWhy your business needs dedicated IT support

by Daniel Stockman


As a business owner, it should be your utmost concern to ensure all your business functions and activities are performed with minimal resources and maximum efficiency. If you have an IT department or are interesting in having one, you should know that IT is an incredibly technical field and no non-IT staff member should be tasked with handling issues that can hinder your entire company’s efforts.

The IT support function is perhaps the most important of all in facilitating lower costs and greater innovation through which you can secure a long-term competitive advantage and accelerate your business growth to market leadership.

Why you need Dedicated IT Support

However, due to the development and evolution of IT, particularly cybersecurity and cloud services, it is always incumbent that you have access to a dedicated IT staff. In this regard, it is essential to understand some of these benefits instead of assigning your non-IT staff to handle complex IT activities.

  • Greater knowledge

A dedicated IT staff will have greater knowledge about IT servers, network security, and installation than non-IT staff. This gives them a major advantage in evaluating and reorganizing your IT equipment to ensure it complements your overall IT and business strategy.

They will be able to guide you on using best practices through which your business will avoid unnecessary risks to your confidential data and opt for IT resources and tool that can enable you to make your foothold firm in an increasingly competitive industry.

More importantly, their vast knowledge will make your day-to-day operations a lot smoother that will result in fewer instances of errors.

  • Skills and expertise

Employing a dedicated IT staff team is also beneficial with regards to their skill-set that they have developed over multiple years. MSPs usually have highly trained and experienced personnel who have the know-how to distinguish good from bad practices. This is especially important for functions relating to cyber security where relying on outdated security protocols and network security methods are no longer an option. A trained staff can employ the latest data protection methods, such as multi-factor authentication and cloud security, which can provide your firm with sufficient advanced security.

Skills are also relevant for managing cloud solutions, especially if you are looking for a low-cost platform for organizing all of your sensitive business data.

  • Problem solving

For you to ensure your IT resources are being utilized efficiently, you will require specialist staff that are capable of solving problems through effective solutions, something which is impossible for non-IT staff to pull off. Your IT software and hardware can present serious solutions during installation or if burdened with too many IT activities. A trained IT staff member can look into the problem, analyze the extent of it, and ensure it is fixed in no time.

  • IT strategy

Having an effective IT strategy in place is critical to lay a foundation through which your business can find the stepping stone it needs to reach short and long-term objectives. A dedicated IT support team will be more adept in understanding the complexities, opportunities, and threats of the industry and set an IT roadmap that can secure a future for your business.


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