What is Cisco OpenDNS (Cisco Umbrella)?

by Daniel Stockman, i-Tech Support, Inc

A great addition to managed service, Cisco Umbrella is the latest innovation by Cisco. Positioned as an SIG or Secure Internet Gateway technology, Umbrella is a technology tool having the ability to monitor and prevent attacks on a network. In addition to protecting remote users, Cisco Umbrella protects corporate network users to add an additional layer of security to the network.

With Cisco Umbrella, you can decide how the roaming client operates upon entering your network. A secure internet gateway to the cloud, Cisco Umbrella safeguards users regardless of how and from where they access the network. Thanks to Umbrella, blocking malicious threats has becomes easy and affordable. In order to block threats on direct-to-IP connections, protocols and ports, Umbrella utilizes Domain Name System (DNS). This is the reason Umbrella is often referred to as Cisco OpenDNS. Cisco Umbrella or OpenDNS protects users without impact or delay.

By introducing Umbrella, Cisco has made it possible for small companies to afford the security used by big companies. Cisco Umbrella protects users from command and control callbacks, malware, and phishing. Additionally, it has the ability to search all users and 100% uptime. This makes it a trouble-free security solution. Ideal for mid-size companies, Cisco Umbrella offers strong protection and enhanced security features. Moreover, it enforces permissions, identifies risks, and blocks malicious URLs.

By introducing Umbrella, Cisco has made it possible for small companies to afford the security used by big companies

Here are some of the advantages of Cisco Umbrella:

Protection On The Go

A next generation firewall, Cisco Umbrella protects users when they use the network on the go and are off the VPN.

Making Brand Offices Secure

With Cisco Umbrella, you can secure branch offices easily. Easy to manage and simple to deploy, Umbrella can add security to your branch offices.

Block Threats Earlier

Even before a connection is made, Cisco Umbrella blocks requests to hostile IPs and domains.

Proactively Stop Emerging Threats

In order to get an idea of Internet activity patterns, Cisco Umbrella studies real-time, diverse data. By doing this, it is able to identify and stop emerging threats.

Protection Of All Branch Network Devices

With Cisco Umbrella, you can protect any device on your network by blocking command and control callbacks, malware, and phishing and enforcing acceptable use-policies. Cisco Umbrella allows you to protect any branch network devices whether it is owned by the customer, the employee, or the company.

No Need Of End-User Action

Cisco Umbrella does not require any end-user action. This means that you can secure your network with Cisco Umbrella without the inconvenience of always-on VPN.

Built in the cloud, Umbrella technology is the production of Open DNS, a company acquired by Cisco in 2015. The purpose of Cisco Umbrella is protecting the cloud-based networks. Also, after taking ownership of Cloudlock in June 2016, Cisco added the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) capabilities of Cloudlock to Umbrella. CASB minimizes the risk for data leakage and provides control of Saas or Software-as-a-Service applications. Cisco Umbrella is an extremely useful technology and the aforementioned advantages prove this.

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