Cloud Technology

a highly flexible, accessible and scalable solution

i-Tech Cloud Services are more flexible and affordable than conventional IT services and has the ability to grow as your company advances. Our Cloud Services are delivered to your business through the Internet. These services can replace traditional servers and IT support that you presently use for your organization’s daily business processes.

Intelligent Data Center

We know businesses like yours are looking for cloud solutions to reduce costs, increase profitability, improve efficiency, and support innovative business processes. Our cloud services bring the intelligence of the network and the power of the data center together with business applications.

The result is a compelling and assured cloud experience with applications and services delivered from the cloud anywhere, any time, on any device. Now you can enjoy the security, agility, and efficiency of a reliable cloud solution with our Total Technology Support services.

Secure Cloud Technology

Connects your main and branch offices, your remote workers, and your internal users.
Provides a safe and secure, web-enabled, remote access for your external users
Sends all your internal users’ laptops, desktops, thin clients, handhelds, etc. to the cloud
Requires no physical servers at your physical site
Delivers datacenter server and Internet availability
Accessible from anywhere, any time, on any device
Creates a completely virtualized environment
Improves employee efficiency, productivity and collaboration
Authentication, authorization, and accounting services
Lowers your total cost of ownership and increases savings on maintenance, energy, and hardware costs
Provides flexible and scalable storage for your specific business needs

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