Why your business needs a managed security partner

Cybersecurity isn't an area of your business that you should take lightly. If you're struggling to do everything in house, it's time to look at using a managed service provider. With the right team, you'll keep your business secure and save money.

Acumatica: unleash the benefits of cloud ERP

Cloud computing has become a standard business tool in all industries, making all your applications and data available from anywhere. Cloud ERP reduces business costs, provides support from the data center rather than in-house, and ensures your business is using the most up-to-date tools at all times.

5 Questions to Consider for a Successful Cloud Migration

Ready to migrate your business data and files to the cloud? It's important to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe and secure. The good news is that safe cloud migration is simple: here are the questions you should be asking to ensure you're ready for the big move.

The Best Cloud Support to Help Your Business Thrive

When you find the right cloud services, you make your day-to-day business operations smoother. From file storage through to local phone numbers, there's a lot you can do using the cloud. All you need to do is find the right package.
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The Top 4 Cloud Computing Services to Help You Rock 2020

When it comes to cloud services, there are plenty for you to choose from. Each one offers its own unique benefits, which means you need to find the best fit for your business. Here's our guide to getting it right in 2020 and a selection of services for you to try.

The Top 3 Data Security Mistakes Employees Make

Cybersecurity training is often overlooked by employers, leaving employees making mistakes that in turn, leave the company vulnerable and open to costly cyberattacks. With the increase in cyberattacks, employers must start training employees on the basics of cybersecurity.
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Hop in The Ring With Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is performed to test an organization’s system or network for possible security vulnerabilities that could compromise sensitive data. It can be automated or performed manually. All findings are subsequently shared with the company’s IT team.

Your Cybersecurity Go-To Guide

Anyone can be the victim of a cyberattack, but with the appropriate cybersecurity in place, you can minimize your risk. Here are a few cybersecurity tips that can help.
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Why Selecting Your Business IT Security Is So Important

When it comes to keeping your business, your data, and your employee information safe from ongoing digital threats, your IT security is what stands between you and an ever-increasing number of attacks on your business’s network.

Why Your Business Needs a Security Risk Assessment

Cybercrime is an ever-increasing risk. As technology advances, so do the abilities and tactics of hackers who would just love to get their hands on your sensitive business data.