Customer Service

Customer Service’s Importance Increases in 2024 for Building Materials Distributors

Turbulent is an apt adjective to describe the Building Materials Distribution market. Factors, such as weather, interest rates, and source material availability, are beyond these suppliers’ control but dramatically impact their business. To thrive, they must focus on items they can manage. Customer service is an emerging area that they can leverage to strengthen their organization. So, lets take a look at how and why they take that step.
Employees at a Building Materials Distribution

Deploying a Cloud ERP Dramatically Improves Building Materials Distributors’ Operations  

Running a Building Materials Distributors’ means wearing many hats, Executives need to manage the company finances, ensure top notch customer service, and deliver products on time. Traditionally, they performed these functions with Old School technology, like spreadsheets and paper and pen. Nowadays with margins shrinking and competition increasing, they must modernize their operations. Adopting a cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution eliminates duplication, boosts productivity, and enables real time decision making.

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