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Is your network satisfying your need for speed?

Being profitable depends on a network that is both flexible and fast-responding to serve up information and connect applications with lightening speed and accuracy. With the inundation of new applications and both company and employee owned devices on-boarding networks daily, business face the daily challenge of slow performance that becomes a source of ongoing frustrations, loss of productivity and revenue.

The applications you use everyday relies on a fast network that responds around the clock. No one has time for a network that’s slow and affecting productivity. Yet, busy executives constantly dealing with constant application failures or systems that seem to take forever to respond. Most of the time IT ‘s answer to this problem is “It’s the network”.


Attacking the problem at it’s source…

“If your network is underperforming, it’s a sign of a deeper underlying issue.  Either your system may not be configured correctly,

infrastructure may be approaching end of life or network capacities may be stressed, or you may have a security breach”   



Under-provisioned, legacy or slow servers can keep our applications from performing. Poorly designed or legacy storage systems can seriously affect the rate at which networks open applications and respond to requests. Executives also must consider the growing cyber threat landscape and information breaches, because slow networks can also be symptomatic of a vulnerability.

Because a number of issues can affect network speed, delay program response time and cause launch to fail or perform slowly, companies should perform regular network assessments. A network assessment from a qualified technology firm like i-Tech Support can identify specific performance issues and help your business solve complex problems that slow your speed. i-Tech Support has a reputation for knowledge, experience and expertise to help identify sources of network issues and help guide your business to success.

If your infrastructure may be ready for a change, consider more innovative solutions such as high speed and intelligent storage systems from NetApp and high-speed powerhouse server equipment such as Cisco’s Unified Computing platform. Couple these solutions with a high-speed converged network infrastructure solution built around Cisco’s Nexus unified fabric platform and the network will no longer stand in the way of your business getting tasks done quickly. Technology solutions like these are built for performance, and ensures your business will be an agile, market dominating force to be reckoned with.



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