Is Cisco Spark Right for Your Business?

by Daniel Stockman, i-Tech Support, Inc



Business communications have to be extremely agile and collaborative in today’s rapidly advancing technological world.  Technology leader, Cisco recently announced the emergence of Spark Collaboration solutions. Cisco Spark solution makes it possible to communicate instantly, and conduct live meetings through some of the best communication tools.

Cisco Spark, based on the cloud, is one of the best collaboration tools in the market, featuring a complete team suit for messaging, meeting, calling and sharing. And this can be done whether the teams are in one place or virtually spread out.  The primary purpose of Cisco Spark is to allow teams to collaborate seamlessly and work better in a secure environment.  So, while your employees enjoy a fine collaboration experience, they become more productive and efficient.


Cisco Spark solution makes it possible to communicate instantly, and conduct live meetings through some of the best communication tools

So here’s the question: Is Cisco Spark right for your business, and should you invest in it? Yes, definitely, if the following hold true for you:

You want a single platform for messaging, calling and meeting

Cisco Spark is a comprehensive solution, one single utility that provides you all the features which you want for collaboration. With Cisco Spark, you can message and exchange files with other team members individually or in a group.  Just provide an email address, and you can start chatting with your employees, customers and even partners. Cisco Spark features its own phone system that lets you make calls to anyone else in your company. You can also dial landline and mobile phone numbers through a desktop PC as well as a mobile app. You can organize meetings with different members across any devices, meaning that attendees can join from the office, home and even when they are on the go.

You want a simple solution

Cisco Spark focuses on simplicity and friendly user interface. It’s simple to use and quick to manage.  Plus, it follows a subscription based plan so that you can add or remove services whenever required.

You want a secure platform

Cisco is the number one choice in the field of network security, and the same applies to their Spark software.  You are protected from all threats, and can freely communicate in a reliable environment.

You want commutations to be creative

The Spark Whiteboard can be accessed from any device and anywhere, letting you draw out your thoughts, flowcharts, roadmaps and anything else, and then sharing it live with whomever you want.  And they can draw on the board too. If you are in a meeting, the Cisco Spark Board serves as a presentation screen, whiteboard and even a video conferencing system.

You want better team agility and rapid responses

Cisco Sparks makes meetings more effective with additional discussions and follow ups. All content can be accessed during the meeting, and once it’s over, you can review, track progress and take actions.

You want to grow rapidly

With Cisco Spark, you innovate your company’s culture, inspiring your employees to work smarter and engage more efficiently. Thus, you enjoy controlled costs, increased productivity and maximum resource utilization.


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