What Is Cisco Spark?

by Daniel Stockman, i-Tech Support, Inc



There are no two views about the importance and significance of ‘collaboration’ in any field; business is not an exception either. All the entrepreneurs, whether they own startups or established firms, know how the connections that a business develops with its own employees, and with other businesses and the ways it utilizes those connections to collaborate, can help it grow. This is why, far-sighted and wise entrepreneurs, in every industry, invest in ‘business collaboration’ since the very beginning.

The realization of the significance of ‘business collaboration’ leads to the development of various ways and systems to make it easier. Since today’s business world is relies upon the information technology and internet to carry out all its tasks, several business collaboration services, applications and software have been produced to make it easier for them. “Cisco Spark” has given a new definition to business collaboration services.

What Is Cisco “Spark”?

Put simply, Cisco Spark is a cloud based business collaborations service that truly understands the communication needs of modern – day businesses and hence, makes it possible to connect and communicate instantly. It also offers variety of ways to communicate, such as, messaging, voice and video calling and also allows to share content both within the company and with partners and clients.

Giving a whole new definition to team –work, Cisco Spark has eliminated the need that everyone be physically present at the same place to work on a project.


“Cisco Spark” has given a new definition to business collaboration services.

 Key Features of Cisco Spark

While Cisco Spark has numerous amazing features that have re-defined the concept of business collaboration, following are some of its key features that are advantageous for every business in the modern world:

·       Conduct And/ Or Participate In Meeting from Wherever You Are

Unlike the traditional communication services, Cisco Spark is an all-inclusive collaboration suite that not only allows the users to get in touch via messages and calls, but it also serves as a virtual meeting room where employees, business partners and clients can meet and take all business related decisions without having to ensure their physical presence in the meeting room.

Also, Cisco ensures that users do not have to give up on the useful tools of traditional meeting rooms by including them in Spark application. One of these tools is the ‘white board’.

Yes! If you are to conduct the meeting via Cisco Spark, rest assured that you would be provided with the white board that you can use the same way as in a typical meeting room.

·       Share through Messages

Messaging in Cisco Spark is also a-typical. It allows users to exchange and share ideas, information and files with literally anyone. Also, messaging doesn’t have to be limited to one person only; messages and files can also be sent to groups in one go.

·       Accessibility

Cisco understands that modern-day corporate sector requires both employers and employees to be on the move. Realizing the changing needs of modern day businesses, Cisco made sure that its collaboration software “Spark” is easily accessible through literally any smart device. Now, whether you are on the other side of the world or on your workstation, and no matter if you have a smart phone, tablet or a desktop computer at your disposal, collaborating with your team, clients and/or partners is as simple as one could think.


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