10 things you may not know about Managed Service Providers

by i-Tech Support


Businesses with and without IT departments depend on managed service providers to help fulfill daily technology support needs, deploy upgrades and improve cybersecurity. A strong partnership with an experienced managed service provider is vital to an organization’s success.”

– Daniel Stockman, President, i-Tech Support



Managed Service Providers (MSPs) provide a cost effective, easy way to handle various daily technology needs and IT support. They add value to businesses by doing more than fixing technology issues. They offer consistent, round-the-clock monitoring and proactive technology support services to help organizations reduce or eliminate the technology issues that cost time and money. They also deliver virtual CIO services, strategic technology planning and business partnerships to align technology with financial and performance goals.


Here are some of the facts about managed service provides (MSPs) that you may not have realized:

  1. IT departments work with MSPs: Technology support is a big job. Many IT leaders today work with managed service providers to help meet daily, after-hours and specialized project support needs for their businesses
  2. Its cheaper than you think: Technology support plans from a managed IT provider is affordable because their expenses are spread out across the hundreds of accounts they support. They also have different service plans options that can deliver support based on small and large needs and budget.
  3. IT support plans are scalable: Managed Service plans provide technology support to meet existing size and budget, which can be easily scaled as your organization grows
  4. Support is provided remotely, onsite or both: Technology support plans can offer remote-only support or remote/onsite support plans which are more convenient.i-Tech Support offers unlimited remote and onsite support under their TTSBlue technology support plan for business.
  5. Support can be available around the clock: Many managed IT support plans offer 24x7x365 support for their clients to resolve technology issues during the day, after hours, on holidays and on weekends.
  6. Virtual CIO services are included: Managed providers offer virtual information consulting services to help your company meet industry regulations, solve current challenges, optimize technology spending and build a roadmap for the future.
  7. Its been proven effective: Experienced managed service providers take the guesswork out of technology support because they have invested years resolving issues for many clients. As a result, their clients can achieve more uptime, reduced issues and unforeseen IT expenses.
  8. MSPs provide financing options: Many managed service providers have relationships with technology manufacturers and can offer low-interest financing options for their clients to purchase equipment without interrupting their cash flow.
  9. MSPs help reduce IT spending: Managed Service Providers like i-Tech Support take a proactive approach to technology support. They offer network assessments and network design services to improve network performance, get more ROI from technology investments and optimize spending.
  10. They improve cybersecurity: A cyberattack can lead to loss of confidential data and long-term financial losses. Many MSPs today offer managed security plans to monitor networks and block threats before they can access protected data. This results in improved cybersecurity and less issues over time.


As more organizations realize the value of managed service providers, they are integrating managed IT services and managed security services into their business. MSPs can supplement areas of need within an organization’s technology team and keep your team focused on business. The right managed service provider can support your organization, and can go a long way to improve business performance and profitability.




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