The following article discusses which is better, a Managed Service Provider or Independent IT Contractor for your business IT support

Managed service provider or Independent IT contractor - which is better for businessManaged Service Provider or Independent IT Contractor

Which is the better business decision?

by Daniel Stockman


When looking reliable IT support for  your business, most business owners choose a solution that is both cost-effective and market competitive in the long-run. One of the best choices is to outsource the responsibility to a third-party service provider such as a managed IT service providers. Businesses can choose between an IT firm or independent contractor for this task. Understanding the differences can help you figure out which service provider is the one best suited for your company needs:


Should I hire a Managed Service Provider or Independent IT Contractor?

Many business owners do not see the difference between a Managed Service Provider or Independent IT Contractor. This can result in a costly mistakes for the long run.

When it comes to choosing the right service provider, one must know the difference. As the name itself suggests, managed IT service providers are typically professional firms with expertise and experience to provide IT support that to improve functionality and coordination between various aspects of your business. Independent contractors are sole agents who operate on their own schedule. They are essentially, a “business of one”.

Managed IT service providers may offer more advantages for your business than an independent IT contractors for these major reasons:

  • The nature of work or employment is as such that often independent contractors are used for short-term, focused on providing services that are unavailable in the organization currently and are needed on an urgent basis. Whereas managed IT service providers have a long-term relationship with the employers and their mode of work is more interlinked and heavily integrated with company.
  • IC are engaged for work in accordance with agreements and contracts only where as managed IT service providers are bound by organization’s personnel policies, employee handbook and employment-at-will doctrine.
  • While IC may be hired for a specialized area of work, managed IT service providers work on a broader range of services and are there to facilitate in every facet of work and daily operations of an organization.
  • Your ability to fire an IC is restricted by the terms written in the agreement with the IC. Choosing to do so will be going directly against and considered a breach of contract. Such a situation never ends well in the court.


More reasons to hire a Managed IT Service Provider

When opting for a managed IT service providers, employers can be rest assured as their new employees bring in the following advantage frothier business:

  1. Upgrade for equipment and services come with no additional cost. As a result, chance of your IT services becoming obsolete are highly unlikely.
  2. A fixed monthly payment plan makes monthly cost highly predictable. This makes it easier to plan your business budget as you grow.
  3. Services are flexible. The pay-as-you-use model means that you can easily scale your business’s IT resources according to your changing needs.
  4. Service are converged, a solid integrated infrastructure helps make all elements cohesive with each other.
  5. Expertise in disaster recovery and fringe benefits like web hosting, security features, and email accounts, etc.


Consider your long-term goals

Many businesses and organizations take strict measures when opting for service providers. However, if you are planning on rapidly scaling your business or complementing its long-term growth while ensuring that your top talent is focused on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day IT operations, then a managed IT service provider is the right choice. Likewise, independent contractors offer cost-effective solutions for managing short-term IT requirements.



Both managed IT service providers and independent contractors have their place, and each usually provide suitable means to support the core competencies of a business such as assisting tools and equipment that can both be software or hardware based. The final choice depends on your business needs.


Share your opinion! Do you use an independent contractor or managed service provider?


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