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Let’s face it. Technology is expensive.

But, it’s a necessary expense. The price of technology is the price of success. Technology is the one element that affects every aspect of your organization. Without the right technology, your company will not excel. Companies that compromise on technology incur costly failures, or even worse, become targets for hackers who actively look for weakness.

The price of technology often causes businesses to shy away or compromise on quality solutions. So, how do you get the technology when there are a dozen other (possibly more important) expenses on your plate?

Traditionally, if upgrades were needed, organizations budgeted capital expenditure for up to a year in advance, courted an advisor and wrote that big check. There was little room for needs that came up unexpectedly in the middle of a fiscal year unless it was a crisis like a cyber-attack or hardware failure.


How do you get technology you need, without interrupting cash flow?

As a business owner, you need options that help optimize cash flow.

Consider technology financing. Leasing has changed drastically over the last few years. With historically low interest terms and “low-to-no-cost-buy-out” options, you can get technology, when you need it, without interrupting cash flow.

Need new servers? No problem. Need a faster network? It’s possible. Need a hybrid cloud solution to increase profits? The solution is on it’s way! With technology financing, you can move your business forward at any time without tapping into liquid capital.

Companies like i-Tech Support maintain partnerships CISCO to get better leasing options for clients. CISCO capital offers more capital programs and technology financing options for technology than most financial institutions. So, what technology does your company need? Call i-Tech Support. Let’s talk about IT 407-265-2000




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