Why Cisco a Global Brand

by Daniel Stockman, i-Tech Support, Inc




Cisco truly believes that technology can change the world for the better and many people seem to agree with this.

The Early Years

A technology pioneer, Cisco was founded by Len Bosack and his wife Sandy Lerner. Both Sandy and Len were employees of Stanford University. Len worked in the computer science department while Sandy was in charge of the Graduate School of Business Studies. The city of San Francisco inspired the name ‘Cisco’ and the purpose of setting up the company was to sell computer network products.

During the initial years, Cisco faced many challenges and experienced little growth. However, things started to change for Cisco after venture capitalist Donald Valentine approached the company in 1988. In return for stock ownership control of Cisco, Valentine agreed to capitalize the company. Immediately after taking over, David Valentine replaced the management of Cisco. This included brining in John Morgridge as CEO. In 1995, John Chambers, the current chairman of Cisco, replaced Morgridge as CEO. It was under John Chambers that Cisco grew from strength to strength and became what it is today.

A Brand on the Rise

Since 1995, Cisco has enjoyed immeasurable growth. Moreover, it has made countless acquisitions and invested heavily in R & D. All of these things have helped the Cisco brand to become a massive success.In simple terms, the Cisco brand represents the message and qualities that appeal to the technology optimists. In case you are wondering what qualities make the brand unique, a fair idea of a company’s mission and differentiation is what a brand message should give. The brand message of a company should help customers to associate the company with a particular thing or quality whenever they hear its name or think about it. In addition to imagery, the brand message should induce associations and feelings. Although their targets and executions are different, conveying brand message is equally important for B2B and B2C brands. This is something Cisco realizes well.

Cisco truly believes that technology can change the world for the better

Cisco Today

Today, Cisco positions itself as the ‘global leader in networking and tomorrow’s technology visionary’. Cisco believes that technology alone can help change the world for the better. In addition to being a technology visionary, Cisco wants to be a company that strongly connects the networking leadership. The Omni-channel branding campaign is what Cisco plans to use for achieving its objectives. The message of this branding campaign clearly shows the direction Cisco plans to take. For Cisco, the present day is an exciting era filled with new opportunities. By representing the appropriate qualities and brand message, Cisco aims to convey value to customers.

The aforementioned branding campaign of Cisco focuses on real world examples. The real world examples show how the technology of Cisco has helped transform and improve the lives of people, industries, and even countries. By bringing these real life success stories to the forefront, Cisco wants to show how it can benefit its partners and their customers.



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