Why Invest in Cisco Technology For Your Business,

Part 4: Innovation

by Daniel Stockman, i-Tech Support, Inc



In technology innovation, Cisco is a frontrunner. But, before we diagnose the innovative capabilities of Cisco, we need to take a look at what technology innovation refers to and why it’s important.

What is Technology Innovation?

Technology innovation varies according to the business and the industry. However, the definition of innovation is the same for everyone. In simple terms, innovation is the exploitation of ideas to create a new product, service, or process.

Innovation is simply putting your creativity to practice. Your creative abilities provide you with the ideas while your innovative abilities help you to put these ideas into practice. This is the reason technology innovation requires a team of thinkers and a team of implementers. It is the synergy between the two that ensures the production of innovative technology. In many ways, technology innovation creates value for an organization. Technology innovation in an organization may refer to the creation of a new system, service, or process or the upgradation of existing ones. Technology innovation may also refer to the discontinuation of an outdated or inefficient system, service, or process.

Why is Innovation in Technology Important?

Studies show that innovation is a priority for most businesses. The importance of innovation is increasing significantly each day. In fact, the ability to be innovative is something most businesses consider when developing strategic plans. Most people agree that innovation leads to the creation of wealth. While achieving efficiency is important, it cannot help a business to sustain growth in the long run. For sustained growth, businesses need innovation that results in technological revolutions and new business ideas.

Until now, technological innovation was something that happened in the Silicon Valley or the colorful offices of Google. However, patiently waiting for the tech developers to produce the next innovative technology is something businesses can no longer afford to do. We’re living in a competitive world where innovation in business occurs each day. Inefficient or slow companies lacking the will or ability to innovate usually end up losing market share. When it comes to innovation in a company, management has a crucial role to play. Technical or commercial feasibility issues are generally the reason innovation initiatives in a company fail. Moreover, some company innovation initiatives activate unwanted externalities. This is something no company or business wants.

Cisco – A Leader in Technology Innovation

Cisco’s innovative capabilities are not limited to networking rather they extend to the broader IT market

For more than thirty years, Cisco has led technology innovation. Contrary to popular belief, Cisco’s innovative capabilities are not limited to networking rather they extend to the broader IT market. The technology innovation of Cisco over the years includes the multi-protocol router, the interior gateway router protocol (IGRP), the catalyst switch, the Cisco powered network program, the VoIP technology, TelePresence, the unified computing system, and the application centric infrastructure.

The concept of Internet of Everything is what Cisco utilizes to create innovative technology. According to Cisco, by creating more valuable and relevant connections, the Internet of Everything will help the world to change for the better. In fact, Cisco has used this concept to considerable success.



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