What is G Suite for Education?

by Evelyn McCulloch, Google Certified Trainer




G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education), is a cloud based collection of apps, allowing teachers and students the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, connect, and create in order to amplify great teaching and learning. Since it’s creation in 2010, there are currently 80 million students and teachers using G Suite worldwide!


Applications for Education




Provided by Google to non-profit schools at no cost, the applications include: Mail, Classroom, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, and Forms. These tools are all web-based and can be accessed from any internet connected tablet or computer.

  • Gmail allows users to communicate fast and efficiently to others on a searchable email platform.
  • Drive helps to organize and share your files and folders all in one place.
  • Docs enhances communication on a web-based collaborative word processor.
  • Calendar promotes scheduling and sharing events to collaborate with others.
  • Sheets allows users to capture data and trends in an intuitive spreadsheet.
  • Forms helps to construct, assess, and analyze data with a survey maker.
  • Slides allows users a platform to create and share interactive presentations.
  • Classroom amplifies instruction on a 21st Century blended learning platform.


Global Impact

“G Suite is a proven research platform that makes a lasting impact on the schools that implement the applications. Schools who adopt G Suite demonstrate their commitment to equipping their students with 21st Century learning skills. As 21st Century learners theses students lead the way as responsible, empowered digital citizens“

Evelyn McCulloch, Google Certified Trainer

Great 21st Century Schools seek 21st Century tools and solutions to amplify learning. Teachers report saving fifty two hours per year on the job while using the tools, leaving more time for teaching and learning. Technology departments say that running G Suite allows them 90% less labor to support. Schools report that they experience 99.9% uptime on the platform, with Google providing timely support and guidance. A 329% return on investment is available to schools following a three year period of implementation when compared against existing infrastructure on campus. Ultimately, the price cannot be beat, with a $0 cost per user for non-profit institutions.


Benefits of Amplifying 21st Century Skills

G Suite is poised to transform the way educators teacher and students learn. The 21st Century Skills teachers and students develop, empower them to solve problems and create positive change in their local and global communities”

Evelyn McCulloch, Google Certified Trainer

G Suite has three central goals for education:

  1. To Make student thinking visible
  2. To Give students a voice
  3. To Provide students with a wider audience to share their work

Outcomes of these goals include development of a positive digital culture at schools, increased efficiency for teaching and learning, and responsive, personalized professional development.

On G Suite, teachers love that they can manage and facilitate classroom instruction by using 21st Century digital tools. They also can store and share all teaching resources, data, and materials on a common platform.


“When teachers collaborate and connect with colleagues, parents, and students in authentic and purposeful ways, they see meaningful learning skills develop”.

Evelyn McCulloch, Google Certified Trainer


G Suite truly allows teachers to communicate in creative ways to meet the needs of all their learners. They can innovate and amplify their lessons with powerful tools and dynamic delivery.  And lastly, teachers find that they are empowered in their teaching practices to inspire their students to be change agents.

In addition to teachers, students reap the many benefits of G Suite too. They can manage projects and stay organized as a learner and classroom contributor. Students are able to store and share all their learning processes and products on a common platform. While in the classroom, at home, and beyond, students can connect and collaborate with their peers and teachers in real time on projects and assignments. They have a platform to communicate their passions and make thinking visible. Students are empowered to innovate in the world around them through curating and creating. Ultimately students develop deep problem solving critical thinking skills on G Suite.


How to get G Suite in your classrooms

Schools who are interested in implementing G Suite for Education are encouraged to evaluate their teaching and learning pedagogy and readiness for the G Suite tools. They should then consider partnering with technology experts like i-Tech Support to design and customize the G Suite tools with learning outcomes in mind. Certified partners like i-Tech Support assist not only with the evaluation and implementation process, but also assist with the ongoing training and professional development critical for administrators and teachers to deploy the tools for student learning with best instructional practices in mind.  



Evelyn McCulloch, Google Certified Trainer

Evelyn McCulloch is an Innovation Coach and Grades 5-6 Educator in a Maker Space at Park Maitland School. She is also a Digital Learning Strategist for i-Tech Support, Inc., with expertise implementing G Suite in schools as a Google for Education Certified Trainer. In addition to being a Certified Trainer, Evelyn is also a Google for Education Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Educator. She brings eight years experience as an educator and teacher leader in local and global classrooms. Evelyn is passionate about utilizing innovation and technology in teaching and learning to help students make thinking visible, give students a voice, and provide them with a wider audience to share their work.

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