Why Invest in Meraki Technology?

by Daniel Stockman, i-Tech Support, Inc



Managing your business is a tough job, but with the right set of tools and technology at hand, you can do quite well. There are many tools for network management out there, and Meraki continues to be one of the best.

Meraki – Cisco’s cloud solutions, aimed at providing a centralized control module for both wired and wireless hardware, but without the complexities and costs associated with management systems of this sort.


Designed to address all your wireless networking needs, Meraki ensures security and mobile connectivity

So what makes Meraki stand out from the crowd? Let us first go through some of its primary features, and then we’ll talk about why it’s superior to its competitors.


  • A centralized dashboard that provides complete visibility and control over the network; security and switching devices are also monitored through the same dashboard
  • Rapid deployment using zero touch provision
  • Ability to manage multiple networks and endpoints from a centralized platform
  • Automated monitoring and alerts
  • User-friendly interface, eliminating the need for additional staff or training
  • Search tools, based on a network tagging engine
  • Easily auditable change logs
  • Automatic updates

Meraki is always available

Since Meraki is based in the cloud, you can access your corporate network away from the office, at your home, gym or even when you are out of time. Gone is the need of filling up your inbox with work related documents and files. You can now access them through Meraki solutions on both, computers and mobile devices.

Meraki reduces your IT burden

Meraki significantly reduces the burden on your IT personnel, allowing them to work more in a lesser amount of time. Plus, they don’t have to worry about upgrades or maintenance.

Meraki provides you complete access

If you buy Meraki, you get to enjoy all offered features, and not just some of them. Plus, there are no costs associated with extra licenses or additional hardware, and none of these are required to make all features work.

Meraki values your suggestion

Meraki is backed by an efficient support team that addresses all your concerns and issues.  Your suggestions are prioritized and acted upon.  In fact, the dashboard itself provides you a channel to leave feedback through the Make a Wish option.

If you use another network management system, your suggestions may not be heard. Bt Meraki does incorporate them, and have tended to over 10,000 concerns raised by their users.

Meraki is secure

Security is essential for any business, big or small, especially when you use the cloud. Meraki directs all traffic over an encrypted layer for a more secure environment.  It is set up a system so that none of your clients can access the dashboard, and separates management communications from other regular communication.

So this means that you won’t have to spend much time in securing your network, because Meraki already takes care of it, putting you a step ahead.

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