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Making the Move to BYOD

If there’s one thing that has really stood out to me since being a part of the IT industry, is the plethora of acronyms! I can barely keep them straight. But, there is one that keeps popping up more now than ever before…BYOD. For those of you that may not have heard the term yet […]

A Secure Network Starts with Your Front Line…Your Employees.

A couple weeks ago, we hosted a webinar about securing your company’s network with Doug Shields of Humanisec. (Watch it now.) Doug discussed the importance of securing your company’s network by starting with your first line of defense…Your employees. The idea is quite simple and obvious, “Start by educating your employees!” Yet, most of the […]

What is i-Tech’s Green Mission in Central Florida?

i-Tech’s green mission is to design and support technology for  Central Florida businesses.  We hope that this will not only help reduce their carbon footprint but can actually show a positive return on their investment as well. Through Total Technology Support, we start with designing a roadmap for planning, budgeting and setting goals for businesses […]

iPhone 3G as a SIP Phone on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 6/7

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFKr-dcP6TA&hl=en&fs=1] This is a Super Cool Demo using the iPhone 3G with VNET Corp’s SIPPhone App and having it registered to the Cisco Communications Manager as a Sip Endpoint! AWESOME!! Now you can use your cell phone without using minutes AND protect your Cell Phone number by showing the office number instead when calling out!  Great […]