The following article discusses how to determine if your business is ready to graduate to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Software)

Does your business need ERP softwareDoes your business need ERP Software?

by Daniel Stockman




Over the years we have seen how big data, smart devices, cloud computing, social media, and the emerging Internet of Things, have dramatically altered the landscape of the business, competition, and consumer behavior. The consumers and workforce has become more mobile, and the only way businesses can remain abreast of the changing demand of customers and the market is by being responsive and flexible to change. Business agility is directly linked with how effectively you can plan, track, and allocate resources. This is where the decision to implement an ERP software comes in.


Signs That Your Business Needs ERP Software

ERPs require extensive resources and training for successful implementation. Determining whether a company is ready for one is often a tough decision. Here are some factors that help determine if your business needs to deploy an ERP software or module and streamline resource management.

  • Multiple departments have difficulty working together: When recording, tracking, and processing information in an organization, the uniformity of the software used is paramount. ERP Software ensures that all your business activities are easily understood by people in different departments. When different systems of departments integrate on a single ERP software then decisions are made quickly and information is processed at an even faster rate. Thus, a major sign for any enterprise to have an ERP is if it is experiencing problems with departmental or team collaboration, delays in communication because of timely availability of data.
  • Information is difficult to access: Apart from this, another sign that you have to get your company a good ERP software, is the inability to access data and information. When there is a load of information floating around your company but it is still hard to access that information or its source for that matter. Hence, an ERP makes it very easy to access information and make informed decisions.
  • There are too many applications in use by different departments: If your business finds it difficult to keep a track record of past accounting history and is suffering from delays in processing and calculating data because of multiple software application, then ERP is the right option for you. ERP streamlines the process of calculating accounts, removes the hassle of cross-checking and sharing information from different departments, and presents the data in real time. This means that accounts can now be handled by ERP much more effectively and efficiently.
  • Sales and customer service are being affected: Last but not the least, if your sales and customers are suffering because time data is not available to your sales team, and if you have a substantial sales team that depends on input from multiple teams or departments, then again you need an integrated software solution. Both your sales and customers are the vital focal points for your business. Hence they deserve a sound software that can help track interactions of all customer related feedback and communication, and additionally all transactions that generated profit that can help you perform sales analysis.

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