The following article discusses support for IT departments, including six ways Managed Service Providers (MSPs) support inhouse IT teams

Support for IT DepartmentsSupport for IT Departments

– Why more IT teams are using Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to support their organization




The face of IT is changing at a rapid pace and if your business is not on the bandwagon, then it will fall behind others that are. Corporations across the globe are now looking into managed IT service providers more than they ever did before because of this reason. According to studies, only 30% of businesses adopted MSPs just a couple of years ago. That number has doubled today with more than 65% of organizations now admitting that they outsource their IT.

In the beginning, this trend came about when business owners actually realized the benefits of a MSP and the services it offered. This year, businesses are realizing the capabilities they can harness by hiring them to supplement their existing internal IT team.


The following are six ways managed IT support helps existing IT teams support their organization’s IT needs:

1.    It offers a bird’s eye view

The best reason for hiring a managed IT service is to supplement internal resources in order to get an external view. Some IT personnel can have a difficult time understanding which practices to implement when the domain is limited to a single business. Since MSPs have experience working with a number of companies at a time, this is not an issue for them and they are not biased when it comes to standard operating procedures either. This allows them to come up with more solutions that can benefit your internal team.


2.    Opens up time for bigger tasks

If your IT team is small chances are they are overwhelmed with daily maintenance tasks and do not have enough time to focus on core business ones. A professional MSP can take over the former and open up their schedule for the latter which can only be good for business growth in the long run.


3.    Enhance your IT team’s skill set

As we mentioned before, IT requirements and changes are in a constant state of flux but that does not mean your current team members have all of the skills necessary to handle them. A MSP that has experienced members on staff can provide them with the additional knowledge and skills they need to maintain servers, support a network and manage other tasks on a continuous basis. This will ultimately provide your team with a larger skill set than they currently possess.


4.    Enhance Support

IT issues can crop up any time and if the team members who can take care of them are unavailable, then your business will suffer. Managed IT support can clear away those worries by taking over those tasks in their absence since most operate on a 24/7 basis. This will ensure your business operations do not suffer downtime or for long and provide you peace of mind at the same time.


5.    24/7 IT support

Speaking of round the clock service, a MSP will alleviate your need to hire a new team member internally if one up and quits on you or leaves for any reason whatsoever. This can be done at a moment’s notice if you hire a well known managed IT support service provider. Plus, they can also facilitate internal staff who work late hours and who do not have anyone else to turn to in case of a tech issue. Just because your internal team goes home for the day does not mean your other employees have to suffer.


6.    Always have a backup plan

A business technology environment depends on a number of components which an existing IT support team may not be able to handle. Locating an individual who has the necessary skill set to take care of all of them may not be possible, but if you have access to a pool of resources that have these skills, then you have nothing to worry about. A MSP can offer you personnel that have a diverse range of skills which are sure to meet your needs.


Share your experience! Do you use a managed IT provider to help meet the needs of your organization?


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