What-is-Managed-CybersecurityWhat is Managed Cybersecurity?

by Anna Trenary



The challenge of network security is a big one for organizations today, especially with the limitations of budget, IT department time and company resources. One of the options businesses have today for dealing with this challenge, is managed cybersecurity.

Affordable and effective, managed security is increasing in popularity with businesses and technology teams. Even organizations with IT departments include managed as part of the defense plan to ensure constant vigilance and protection of their network.


What is managed cybersecurity?

Managed cybersecurity is one type of Hybrid IT Support, where organizations amplify their defense against network threats by adding specialized support to their existing support team. managed cybersecurity does not necessarily replace your existing technology team or managed IT provider. It simply aligns alongside it, to add to your network defense, and get the specific support you need where you need it.


Managed cybersecurity is an outsourced solution where a third-party vendor is contracted to provide a range of defense-in-depth security protection services spanning basic end-point protection through advanced 24×7 monitored intrusion prevention services. It is a great option for companies that need an affordable and effective network security solution to align with their current IT department or managed IT provider”

-Daniel Stockman, President and COO / i-Tech Support


Managed cybersecurity holds

four main advantages for businesses and IT teams:

  1. It allows taxed IT teams to get cybersecurity covered while they focus on daily operations
  2. It amplifies the capabilities of existing cybersecurity teams, by adding an additional layer of defense to protect their network
  3. It is a seamless, affordable and effective solution, without the requirements of staff, space and management.
  4. It helps reassure teams that their network is protected under their existing network security plan

Managed cybersecurity allows organizations to gain a virtual cybersecurity department with minimal expense. As a result, they experience less virus and malware infections, less downtime and network interruptions, fewer remediation costs and penalties from compliance issues, and overall better network and system performance


Isn’t my firewall enough? 

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Firewalls do offer a line of defense. However, there is no such thing as too much network security. Your network is only as secure as the weakest point.

Intruders are getting more creative in their attempts to access your files and confidential data. Several organizations rely on firewalls and anti-virus as their only defense. Unfortunately, firewalls and anti-virus only protect your network from a percentage of external threats and leave you vulnerable to internal threats.


What is included in a

managed cybersecurity service?

Managed cybersecurity goes one step further than anti-virus and firewall defense. It is full Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) service that actively detects and stop suspicious activity beyond the firewall to further safeguard your network and protect critical data.


“Managed cybersecurity goes beyond basic network protection to actively detect, stop and respond to incoming threats. It is a specialized service that full service technology firms like i-Tech Support offer for business”

-Daniel Stockman, President and COO / i-Tech Support


Not every IT firm offers managed cybersecurity. Some firms some claim to include managed cybersecurity in their service plan, when in fact, they are offering basic antivirus. Others never address the issue of cybersecurity until an incident has actually occurred with their clients.


It is important to understand what is included in your current cybersecurity plan so you can be certain that your network is prepared for anything.

Managed cybersecurity services include:

  • Continuous Monitoring of network traffic, instant alerts when threats are detected
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention actively deal with threats as threats approach your network through remote and onsite support
  • Preventative Maintenance to prevent issues before threats occur
  • Access to a Support team to answer questions from you and your team
  • Recommendations monthly reports from a cybersecurity specialist including advice on how to adjust your defense based on your unique threat level

Companies need to defend their network from threats that exist today, and be prepared for what is next on the horizon. Managed cybersecurity is a great, cost-effective way to amplify your network defense without breaking your budget. It is the next step in an evolved IT support strategy.


Share your opinion! Do you use a managed cybersecurity service to amplify your network defense?


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