The following article explains what is the Cloud, its applications and advantages in business today

What is The CloudWhat is The Cloud?

A Series on Cloud Networking and Business [Part 1]

by Anna Trenary



Has your business made the leap to cloud networking? “The Cloud” is the single largest technology innovation since the Internet. The cloud has made it possible for businesses to be more efficient, productive and profitable than ever before.


What is The Cloud?

“The Cloud” simply refers to virtual space which can store store files, documents and information, as well as run applications, software and services online rather than directly on a computer…”

-Daniel Stockman, President and COO / i-Tech Support

Put simply, “the cloud” is that place located somewhere in your internet connection, from which your data and apps can be accessed easily and securely.


How is the cloud used in business?

Different types of cloud environments exist, which provide different services to answer various business and consumer needs. These include:

  • Public Cloud: A cloud environment shared between multiple companies, i.e., Office 365 or Google Apps
  • Private Cloud: A cloud environment dedicated to a single organization, i.e., Hosted customer owned equipment and software at a rented or leased data center facility
  • Hybrid Cloud: A mix of Public and Private Cloud

The cloud is used for a variety of applications today, but its most popular application is data warehousing (storing information, files, documents, records and software) and as a platform to run applications.

Cloud services generally fall into three categories:

  • Software (SaaS: Software as a Service): In SaaS, applications are available to registered users, and managed by others. All users have access to apps and data from any device as long as they are connected to the internet.
  • Platform (PaaS: Platform as a Service): In PaaS, users have access to a shared, yet optimal “platform” to develop applications faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Infrastructure (IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service): In IaaS, several users also share equipment and computing resources such as networking, server and data center space on a “pay-per-use” or subscription basis.


What are the benefits of the Cloud?

“Moving to the cloud can save you time, money, and effort along with providing an even more secure environment for your critical information and data center workloads.”

-Daniel Stockman, President and COO / i-Tech Support

The many advantages cloud computing adds to business has made it very popular, a trend that is expected to increase. The technology experts at i-Tech Support, Inc. gave us the following top five benefits of a cloud environment on business:

  1. Accessibility: Cloud computing gives your entire team the ability to easily access files and data anywhere as long as they are using a device that is a part of the cloud connected ecosystem.
  2. Speed and Agility: Cloud users are able to access data and applications faster because cloud environments are run on powerful equipment and software. Their remote storage capabilities also free up space on local systems to yield faster performance.
  3. Security: Files, documents and confidential information stored in the cloud can be less vulnerable to cyberattacks, viruses and theft because advanced cybersecurity generally comes standard with most providers.
  4. Recovery: Data stored in a cloud environment is easier to recover in the event of equipment failure, software crash, accidents or power outage.
  5. Savings: A cloud environment requires less energy, office space, equipment and management, which essentially reduces an organization’s overhead and technology costs.

Essentially, the cloud leads to better utilization of revenue, personnel, office space and energy. These are huge factors for businesses working with limited capital or resources.


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